Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saman Waived!!!!!

jorrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Why??? WHY???? WHYYY ONLY KUALA KANGSAR????!!!!!?!??!?!??!?!!!!

SELANGOR & KL ALSO SHOULD HAVE MAH!!! :( wah lao weiii :( toll booth also tak kena bulldozer down!! :( jorrrr... tol also tak turn by 50%!!! wah yohhhhhhhh... :(

All summonses and compounds waived

KUALA KANGSAR: Summonses and notices of compounds issued by all Perak local councils until yesterday will be waived, said newly-appointed Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Describing it as a “one-time arrangement,” he said the move was to thank the people for supporting the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition and to help reduce their burden.

“All unsettled compound notices involving traffic and hawker offences issued until March 17 by all local councils will be waived,” he said during his maiden press conference at a resort here after being sworn in as the 10th Perak Mentri Besar at Istana Iskandariah.

Mohammad Nizar was, however, quick to remind the people to abide by the rules after this.

“This is not a move to encourage wrongdoings but is in appreciation of the people’s support,” he said.

Mohammad Nizar also expressed hope that the people would support the new coalition government so that it would be able to administer and provide for their welfare.

On another matter, he said the new coalition government would look into doing away with the practice of having only politicians as local councillors.

“This was a pledge made during the general election that one-third of the local councillors would comprise of professionals, academics and businessmen instead of just politicians.

“We want a difference in the composition so that there will be fair distribution of responsibilities,” he said.

The business fraternity and consumers in the state were also reassured that there would be no discrimination on the part of the new coalition government.

“They should not be nervous with the change in government and continue to trade as usual.

“I give them my guarantee that they will not face any form of discrimination,” he added.



Gary said...

why? u got saman meh??

** stella ** said...

i got from DBKL :(

i heard they say those from MPPJ ones can cancel.. :( DBKL KENOT! :(

mine i think kept till lapuk d.

Allen said...

"jorrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Why??? WHY???? WHYYY ONLY KUALA KANGSAR????!!!!!?!??!?!??!?!!!!"

Your opening paragraph very funny...Its not just kuala kangsar larrrrr....its whole of perak....kelakar betul u ni..

** stella ** said...

News heading Kuala Kangsar ma :p