Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damai Laut , Off Pangkor

So .. finally! I'm going for a smaller incentive trip by the company! :)

Training was absolutely boring and not really effective (to me, not sure bout the rest)... wasted my whole 2nd day when i cud just lie down on d beach n just enjoy the breeze and the view. :)

We were upgraded to the hotels instead of just the dodgy apartments. Best part of it all, we were upgraded to SEAVIEW ROOMS! =D double yay-ness!

And, when u are upgraded to hotel, u get free access of kayaking, archery, beach volleyball and the swimming pool. In which the apartment is too darn far away to walk to any of these!


But the journey to the resort was terrifyin!!! X| about 15-20 minutes drive around the hotel.. u will NOT see any civilization! All u see are man grooves and farms :/

The hotel is LITERALLY surrounded by jungle and a wonderful private beach :)

Beach weren't that great but bcoz it was a private beach.. u have all the peace u want.. REALLY AWAY FROM THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF CITY!

The view from the lobby. MAGNIFICIENT!


Landscape in the hotel :)

Our rooms :)

Teambuilding where we had nothing but fun :)

Make me laugh edwin! make me laugh!

Grace : Weiiii LAUGH LA!!!!
Bill : NO way!

Bill: mew mew mew
soo lynn : *whatever*


See Jeevan curi tengok from the back! from other team! ish!

Very VERY VERY cooperative team members

The boring training that lasted from 9am - 6pm! :( and he kept calling me non stop becoz i was yawning in the first half of the day. lol!

This was beautiful. the view form our room :) sunset.

The private beach

THe place we had our dinner... sedap! BBQ Buffet

Prawns were freaking fresh!

Anissa from CS said the girl looks like a ghost! hahaha the one on the left!

Group Photo for all :)

Heading back to KL where we ACCIDENTALLY made a stop in Bidor :p

Great trip! Looking forward to the next one!

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