Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend in Melaka

I was contemplating to go back on last Thursday. Weighing over the totally boring weekend in KL or a bad jam on Sunday from Mlk back to KL. Was suppose to watch Wolverine with the rest on Friday evening. The rest as in Jason Sinbad, Allen, Wei Lee and Chaiyen.

Thursday evening I met allen online....

Me : Allen, bought the ticz for Wolverine d?
Allen : No. Why?
Me : I think I wanna back out.
Allen : Why? :(
Me : I emo sial. dunno wanna go back or not.
Allen : actually, me also.
Me : Really??? Let's go back after movie together!
Allen : I got smth to do over d weekend in KL.
Me : Oh. :( nvm lo. i decided la. wanna go back.





Allen : If i go back , u wanna follow me or not?
Me : YES!!!!!!!!!
Allen : ok, im going back!

Happily we went back on Friday noon and literally FFK wei lee n chaiyen on d movie! wahha.

Had so much fun in Melaka :)

Friday night, we had satay celup organized by Siew Har's mum. :) And, i reached earlier than the host itself coz the host didn't inform me that her bus was delayed. :/

Then, to pure bar to celebrate MK's birthday.

MK : stella, u know.. I'm drunk.
Stella : Yeah =/ i know *like duh*

That's what a drunk person would say anyways :p

Then on saturday.. we went for our Coconut shake in Klebang.. which later I joined midori to the beach. And later.. Chan came... AND WE PLAYED KITE!

That I have not done for like 20 years! OMG!

SO much fun!

den.. it was CS gathering on the same night.. beer beer and MORE BEER whole night long.

went back at 3am.. started baking my cookie.. butter cookie till 6am! OMG. gila.

next day.. sadly packed my things.. and headed back to kl at 2.30 pm :(

And, now, bloggin from the office!



-midori- said...


i'm missing u already lat!!
only u would layan meeeee...

quik come backkkkk!!!


-midori- said...

and hey!
I want ur cooookie!!!

** stella ** said...

cookie sedap siak!!!

allen got makan!

okie okie. im coming back. just not sure when! :p

** stella ** said...

cookie sedap siak!!!

allen got makan!

okie okie. im coming back. just not sure when! :p

Allen said...

eh sial!

i sakit perut after makan the cookie okay...ish ishh

** stella ** said...

dont tipu allen!