Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ipoh Road Trip

I can't remember when was the last time I actually did a road trip! This time around, we took the opportunity to have a road trip down to Ipoh as it was Theresa's wedding! Theresa's an ex-waltonian that have moved back to Ipoh.

Myself, Regan, Leong and Charis went in 1 car while Calvin and Yew Choong went by bus. We all met in Ipoh for the wedding dinner. The next morning.. Calvin woke us all up at 8am for the makan-makan trip!

We started our invasion at 9am!

Our first was the local kopitiam. Imagine fighting with aunties to get tempat duduk! OMG!

but the white coffee and the roti bakar was so sedap! *thumbs up*

We just couldn't stop eating coz there's nothing better to do except eat, eat and eat. :/


The wedding :)

The game in HillCity Apartment =)

The notti flers...

The Kopitiam invasion.

Wah lao wei... the siew yok is damn cun. no fats. me likey!


Ipoh Chicken Rice that taste so good!

Dive into the world of taugeh!

1,2,3 JUMP!

Leong and his RM15 pamelo! wahhaha

The Final stop at the kaya puff! :)

Saying tata!

We left Ipoh at 3.30 pm.. while driving on the highway... me n regan had this weirdly awkward experience.

Me : *driving* is that a dead dog on the highway?
Regan : dunno

getting nearer


passed by


Me : OMG! IT'S A PIG!!!
Regan : NO! it's not pink! It's a wild boar!
Me : =/ ok wild boar.

BUT WILD BOAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY? kena bang sumore. den everybody as me to bring it back to roast. damn cruel la people nowadays.

Anyways... i had a really enjoyable trip to Ipoh!

CONGRATULATIONS once again to Theresa and Danny!

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