Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Couch-Surfers

We gathered over dinner at Lotus Ampang on last wednesday... it is a gathering called by Jian coz of an interview session with the Let's Travel magazine.

Btw, LOTUS AMPANG SUCKS TO THE MAX! their service is horrendous!!!! damn unfriendly and superbly rude. Adding to the fact that their pricing is crazily high... freaking expensive for a mamak food. Fucking bad service with damn expensive NORMAL mamak food.. give me a damn good reason why should we even bothered to even go there again? Imagine... nasi goreng pataya for RM8 and RM2.50 for nescafe. haha. crazy shite.

Our CS people :)last row from the back (L-R) Rachel, Anissa, Aidan, Daniel
Middle (L-R) Collin, Sufian, Jimmy, forgotname, annisa's girl, mustapha, Low Cher how(i think), Jian, Sasha, me, joey,Sol
Seated (L-R) David, Kamsani(i think), I, Gee, Agnes, forgotname and Diego

Aidan from Canada getting a "tattoo" from anissa' girl.

Anyways.. the night was a fun outing! VERY FUN! :) there were more than 20 of us... after the session in lotus.. the group was split to 2. best part.. we were all heading to "almost" the same place. half went to twenty-one and another half went to Ceylon Bar. which is next to each other. lol.

B4 that we stopped by Palette and Palete at 11.30pm juz to find that they're closing at 12. I FINALLY KNOW WHERE"S PALETTE AND PALETE!!! nice cozy place :) me like!

Daniel playin hoola hoop haha...

After that.. we proceeded to Ceylon Bar .. walking distance on changkat bukit bintang. we played a game of Jenga and had a mug of beer.

And.. sasha came with a unusual-can't-be-found-concept of a birthday cake for diego! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIEGO!

sasha suprising Diego with his birthday cake.

Diego literally cut the cake into smaller pieces using his swiss knife.


Ceylon Bar

ANd daniel was nicely sitting outside with Anissa's girl with stout and playing some games on the pavement of the road. lol.

I then dropped off Daniel, Diego and Agnes at her place in ss2 b4 i head home.. dead tired :)

A fun night indeed :)

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