Saturday, April 04, 2009

Danny's Belated Birthday @ Rakuzen

On the 29th March 2009, myself, Goh Wei Lee, Amelia and Jet went over to Rakuzen to celebrate danny's belated birthday. And we ate Japanese food like we've never eaten Japanese food before. SCAAAARRRYYY WEI!

But, nevertheless, the food was good. The service was excellent, with of coz a plus point of a cute 'william-zai' waiter. lol.

And for all that, we paid RM55++ per person that comes up to approximately to RM63.xx .. around that figure. Which, I believe a reasonable price to pay, comparing Rakuzen to either Shogun or Momo or other Japanese buffet. Kindly do not include Jogoya as it is way off different standard! that's like RM100++!!!!

Anyways... we literally sat from 12-3pm (opening of buffet time till ending) and juz whack whack and whack! and best part of all... after buffet.. we went jalan-ing in pavillion andddd... 3 hours later.. we whack again at The Loaf. :| gila.

But it was all good, it was all fun and it was a full load fun and laughter filled day. :)

Wei Lee's step by step mixture of soup. lol! the last picture was taken by me! nice kan? kan kan?

After food, we whack dessert like nobody's business. I thinkt he waiter got scared of us after that. hahhahhaha.... we averagely eaten like 6-8 scoops of ice cream! but the scoops aren't that big ok!

Uh hu hu cheese cakes... i told u whack kan? :|

my beloved friends... all graduates of International Business @ MMU :)

ops. forgot to give credit to the photographer... GOH WEI LEE!!!!!

and the best picture of the day... taken and directed by stella ong! :p

i edited the pictures to 4-6 photos in 1 becoz i dont have time to upload one by one on my blog! :|

and mind the "copyright of purple butterfly" coz amelia prints it on each and every single photo she post. :/ sampai the photo i have to develop with me and jason also got "copyright of purple butterfly"


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