Monday, April 06, 2009

Pillow Fight @ 4/4/09 @ The Curve @ 4pm!

First ever pillow fight event held in Malaysia! And, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Thanx to Random Alphabets!

It is an event, brought international. Every country that participates, would be pillow fighting on the 4th of April! :D Most of the countries are pillow fighting on the streets with their feather pillows while malaysia.. our pillows only cotton :( so not thatttttttttt nice la. hahaa....

Our pillow fight gathering was in Curve and the battle zone was on the lower ground of cineleisure. :)

Anyways.. it was all good. we had sooo much fun.. we had laughters alll the way.. and the best of it all, we made friends. :) As i mentioned before, I came alone and went back as a group. :)

I met a few Couch surfers during the event. Neena was my only contact point. Even that, I've not met Neena before. but it was all good. the bubbly girl introduced me to other CS-er which later on introduced me to another group of frenz which they also knew during pillow fight only.

The Pillow Fight Policeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

White Teammmmmmmmmmm vs Blue Teamm (boo!)

walking to the battle zone with marlene of CS

that's Jules from


Couch Surfers??? Mustafa walks into the crowd... carryin this sign... and we were like... COUCH SURFERS!!!!

Mustafa is the guy in yellow down here

Mustafa came with 2 pillows but went back with 1 only. lol.

marching to the battle zone.


Zain HD.

I'm stronger than u!



AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! BUSH!

Group Photo for all. Spot me! hahahaa.. if u can find :P

Frenz i made over pillow fighting :)

From left : Lisa, Cathering (shu qi), myself and Rebecca (the food blogger)

CLock wise from left : Emeryn, Lisa, Alex, Catherine, myself and rebecca.

the end result of my pillow. hahaa.... I came to the event without a pillow... and neena from CS was like GO GET A PILLOW ! GO GET A PILLOW GO GET A PILLOW!!!

thus, i RAN... literally RAN Through the crowds in curve and tesco..... run to the pillow department and took the RM7.90 tesco pillow and ran to the counter..

Paid, and rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn all my way back to the gathering point. lol!

End result of my pillow was half the pillow left. hahaha... that was really memorable and also it shows the quality of the Tesco pillow. haha.. my fren's pillow are all still in good condition. damn i shud have taken 'akemi'!

now my once pillow, looks like a money sack.which is not too much of a bad thing. lol!


Pillow Fight on 4th April 2009 @ NYC


Rebeliciousz said...

Aiyak... Since when I become Shu Qi? =P

Nice meeting you, Stella!

Remember to call me when you wanna rock the night!

** stella ** said...

hey! :)

will do! and yes.. u r shu qi-ish :p ask simon! :p