Thursday, April 30, 2009


Finally I revamped my blog!!!!

The last i did.. when I changed it into a pinky blog was when everything... EVERY SINGLE application that I have added onto my blog just went.. *poff* missing! *frustrated*

But now.. pandai d.. copy and paste my whole html coding onto notepad first. Mana tahu.. the new layout is so damn easy to use! :) ME LIKE!

And, I just copy paste some applications and I'm all done!

I like!


aLittleMisfit said...

yala... siap dengan iklan-iklan

stella said...

Wat siap dgn iklan iklan?

-midori- said...


yea lor.. siap dengan iklan2..

** stella ** said...

aijor yawl..
the old template also got iklan leh.

Anonymous said...

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