Monday, June 15, 2009


I feeling so emo now.

and.. i think i know why. aih....

sienness tahap maximum.

somethings can really make such differences in life. like HUGE differences.


penat sial bekerja. not like I do not work. I WORK.

I do. but somehow or rather, most of the times it turns out as disappointment.

And, doing what I do, is like riding on an emotional roller coaster.

At one point, you get so aesthetic and so happy giving u the glow.

Next thing you know, u're down in a very deep ravine.

and u're not sure how do u climb back up.

My ride is so damn fucking bumpy with lotsa disappointments and hurt along the way.

I wish that I was the type of person that does not have high goals and passion in life. At least, less disappointment :)

They'll be happy with what's around them.

But, i know im not. and it's tough.


world out there that's bias and unpredictable.

God, give me strength and let me go through these.

I'm hungry.

for success.

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