Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jake's Charbroil Steak.

The other day.. i finally went to Jake's Charbroil Steak. According to Vince, that's like the best steak in town. like the sweetest and the juiciest!

but i think he forgot to mention that it's the most expensive too! :p

The best steak in the house was an australian steak that cost about Rm2++ per meal.

but i can't deny the fact that they tasted really delicious. Wanted to try their lamb shank which was apparently one of their best selling meal. But, it wasn't a Wednesday or something coz that meal is only offered on certain days.

They even have their own valet parking! oh, i went to the branch in bangsar, near jalan puspawari or something like that, same row with victoria station, next to OCBC bank. somewhere near Jet's old house :)

Anyways, we had the steak and the rack of lamb. :)

And, pleaseeee do reservation before even bothered to go. Coz, it's like damn kao full house.

*sedap giler*


My rack of lamb :)

Sinbad's US Steak.

Sinbad's dessert

Mine! :P


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