Friday, June 19, 2009

My Dad is a Fob.

I was reading PinkPau's page earlier. And her latest post was about her dad. It was cute. too cute. :)

I wish i have posts of such too. But, I guess my dad's not even a 10% of that. Dad n I never have proper conversation. Both, me and my sister avoids talking to dad. If he's in the kitchen, we're in the living room and if he's in the living room, we're in the kitchen. Not that we don't wanna talk to him. It's just that each and every time we talk to him, he has always got something to scold us about. and i mean, SCOLD SCOLD. with words like stupid, useless, moron or of such. Well, i'm not sure how many dads actually does it. But, mine do. very often. which is why we don't speak much. to us, he's very unapproachable and totally a stranger to us. I'd of course love to have a dad that jokes with his daughter, that tells the daughter that he loves them. not calling them useless or smth to that effect.

I'm jealous over some other people's dads. I might not have the worst dad around but stil.... and best part of it all, he doesn't know a shit about us. and was never supportive of us.

My convocation, well i guess, that happens once in my LIFETIME. He conveniently told my aunt to inform me that "he can't make it". yeah.. Whose dad could actually forget their daughter's convocation? My aunt(dad's sis), uncle, aunt, grandma from KL also came down to see my convocation. I guess he's just not too bothered. heck.

Anyways, i came across this website that kept me awake till 5am reading it. I enjoy reading it and at the same time am very envious about their dads :)

Well, i'd wish that I could be a parents of such and of coz a husband which will be of such too.


Some of the things which i find was way too cute and sweet coming from a dad :)


You make me want to go home

February 15, 2009

It’s my first year away from home for college. The Valentine’s Day ecard my dad sent me:

You are my very Valentine since your birth.
I can always feels the true love you show to me.
Wishing God prepares someone loving you as much as I do.

Proud Dad


Stand by me

February 25, 2009

I told my dad to pick me up in the morning/afternoon as long as he was free

Yes madam. because u r my sweetheart. reserved my whole life 4 u. i always standby


And, best of all....

Love messages for breakfast

February 11, 2009

my dad is an early riser and likes to make breakfast (i’m spoiled), but today he wasn’t home so he left us this.


malaccaboy said...

Cheer up girl, you are definitely not alone. Me and my dad are like from 2 different worlds and we disagree on everything. These days he is no longer the decision maker of the house, so its pretty ok.

Though I may not know what you're going through but I kinda have an idea about how difficult dads can me. You're not alone !

** stella ** said...

hey david,

thanx :)

my dad remains the same old person. lol

Anonymous said...

MalaccaBoy u still blog.....????
yeah u guys can make dat the 3 of us....

i do have an idea of how it feels like being alienated from your own dad... i guess most of us have the same problems so fret not,... :)