Friday, August 21, 2009

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2009!

AWESOME event! :)

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards
(APEA) is held by Enterprise Asia. It is to honour and recognize business leaders who have shown outstanding performance in developing business within the region.

And, tonight, I personally, proudly, met Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Yeoh Tiong Lay from YTL Corporation n' shook hands with him! lol. damn proud man. lol. but no camera, so no picture :(

Incase to some people who actually do not know who Yeoh Tiong Lay is, please click on the link. And his son, Francis Yeoh, took over and became the Managing Director in 1988.

He was our Lifetime Achievement Awards winner for 2009.

All of the entrepreneurs were really warm and friendly. Unlike alot of those nasty, penny-less people that I've met along my line of job.

The aura that you get when you meet them is different! Their confidence shines through them and hits you on the face. I am happy to be apart of APEA 2009.

Meeting these successful entrepreneurs in one night is not enough for me to even know them all. They come from various age. From 20+ to 80+ years old. One similarity, all of them are successful confident entrepreneurs.

Very aspiring.

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