Friday, August 21, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock's Inquest.

It's getting to my nerves.

First, i did not care much about political issues and arena in malaysia. Now, i'm all worked up.

These bast*rds will just let this pass tru them and let it fade. isn't that all that's happening in malaysia? first altantuya, now teoh beng hock?

To start, this poor guy is about to get married with his fiancee. How on earth would he had even thought about commiting suicide???

When he said he did not as this was not needed in the case, Gobind asked: “So, you couldn’t tell if his shoes were too loose for him as you didn’t measure his feet. In this particular case the shoe was found far away from the body. How far was it?

(Teohs right shoe was off his feet when his remains were found.)

“I didn’t measure,” Dr Khairul Azman, who is a consultant pathologist with Klang Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, said.

Gobind: It’s good to measure isn’t it? You cannot tell us how the shoe got there. You are in no position to tell us!

Dr Khairul Azman: It could have come off when he fell.

Gobind then said that logically, if the shoe was tight, this would not have happened.

When he asked if there was a possibility that Teoh was thrown out first and then the shoe, Dr Khairul Azman replied: “Yes, there is a possibility.”

Gobind: In that case, it is indicative of a homicide. Did you address that possibility?

Dr Khairul Azman: Yes, there is a possibility.

Gobind: Did you test the shoe for fingerprints? Dr Khairul Azman: No

Gobind: Is it significant?

Dr Khairul Azman: Yes

Gobind: Why didn’t you do it?

Dr Khairul Azman: I expected the police to do it.

Gobind: But you didn’t get them to do it because it would have indicated a homicide. Were you covering it up?

Dr Khairul Azman: No, I am not covering up.

- quote from The Star Online

Then, it's the finger prints that do not match.

Then, it's the DNA that do not match!

And, OH! did i mention that they surprisingly DO NOT HAVE A CCTV on the 14th floor and 5th floor of Plaza Masalam??? but there are CCTV on any of the other floors?

It's so fucking impossible! unless these are all coverups and the trails are being washed off? wtf.

Best part of it all, the fucking chemist or watever did not even record the finger prints that was found on the window that he so called 'committed suicide' because it was incomplete???? these are all possible leads to to a possible homicide! fuckers!

Gobind: Is this mentioned in the report?

Insp Mazli: If the fingerprints are negative we don’t write it down.

Gobind then asked: “So, you can come to court and say anything about fingerprints and we can’t verify?”

Insp Mazli replied there was nothing if there were no fingerprints.

When Insp Mazli said that fingerprints were left when there was sweat from a person’s sweat cells, Gobind asked him if DNA samples could be obtained from these.

“The dusting powder will destroy the DNA and if swabbing is done before dusting, the fingerprint lines would be destroyed,” said Insp Mazli.

- quoted from The Star Online

How much planned are these things? OMG!

And now, there is a mystery letter that was sent by an MACC official that reached Gobind Deo's hands. Claiming the dos of a high official of MACC, Hishammudin Bin Hashim which I think it must not be looked upon lightly! It might not be signed off by anybody, but the contains are printed on a MACC letterhead! it is already a small sneak peak that this person who have written the letter are in the insides of MACC. How can a tom dick or harry are able to get the letter head? what? sneak himself into the buildings of macc at this moment in time and steal one letter head out and print the letter?

Do u even think that it is possible that the official who had written the letter would want his identity not disclosed as these could poise harm to him and his family??? Probably the reason on why it isnt signed off by a certain somebody!

This is the link to the letter .

I really do hope and pray that the death of Teoh Beng Hock would not be invain. The people that's involved in the murder in search of their greed of power and money would be taken to justice and be punished in the worst ever possible punishment.

Disgusted and annoyed!

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