Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Getaway :)

We celebrated our 1-year-anniversary in Krabi. :) *thanx yang!* *grins*

We were on a 5 days, 4 nights trip to Krabi. Yang knew i wanted to go and he took me there! :D

We arrived on the 9th August 2009 at Krabi Intl Airport. We took a taxi to Krabi town for THB500(i tink). Bus was only THB150. But, we've got no idea which part of krabi would they campak us. so we ended up taking taxi. hehe. We stayed our first night in Krabi town, in City Hotel. It was a well maintained hotel, just a lil' old. but location wise, it's really good in krabi town. but don't bother going to krabi town coz there's nothing much to do there except the pasar malam on weekends, fri-sunday. Other than that, dont bother.

And we lost our 100+ first set of photos when the dingdong camera decided to kong out on me. Suddenly I off and on the camera, states there No pic. i was like WTF!!!! on off on off also NO PIC! OMG. shit.

our 2nd day, we took a taxi to Ao Nang and paid like THB400 for the short ride =/ We arrived in AoNang Villa and am very much impressed with the beautiful sea frontage hotel :) Our first day in Ao Nang was literally jalan-jalan with some shopping and lepaking at the beach and enjoying our sunset. :) oh, and pool too. :) Our hotel had 2 pools! Dolphin & Coral!


the beach in front of Ao Nang Villa

there were like 30 massage parlours! and the number 7 lady came to us and gimme the packet of pineapple as a way to "book" their customers.

Our hotel

our banana chocolate pancake :D

local street food!

the very entangled and complicated wire system in krabi.

on our 3rd day, all we did was chill n relax. we headed out for breakfast in the morning and den walk along Ao Nang and did some shopping. Next, we went back to hotel and changed into our beach attire. Lepaked at Ao Nang beach. Played and jumped to the waves of the sea. Jason was having sooo much fun jumping in the waves while i slept like A LOG while sun-tanning. sedap. :) then we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and some swimming training for the next day's island hopping :)

Our first sunset together :)

the super kao damn syok massage till i fall asleep drooling on the pillow :p

my so called creative shot :p

That's when we met Kevin and Mimi. We went for dinner together and went to Irish Rover(highly recommended) for a cup of ice cool beer. :) I had my glass of Kilkenny and Jason had his pint of Kilkenny. Then we had our free BBQ and we had 2 games of pool :)

Our 4th day was my long waiting island hopping day! I can't wait to re-visit the beautiful island with crystal clear water and the long stretch of white sandy beaches! Was there about 3 years ago when i visited Phuket. :) It's beautiful. So beautiful, i can't explain in words. U must go and see by yourself. :)

And, I finally got rid of my fear of water and got into the sea for snorkelling ALL BY MYSELF! :D yay-ness! i first snorkelled in an open sea during our 1st snorkel. was afraid in the beginning and manage to get hold of myself and not panic :) 2nd was in Loh Samah bay snorkel and 3rd was in bamboo island beach snorkel in which i managed to convince jason to enter the water where he can't touch the sand with his legs! :D and he snorkeled and snorkelled and snorkelled and forgot bout me. :/

Our route map for the island hopping :)

Align Center
bamboo island :)

first snorkel. in the open sea. scary wei.

me snorkel snorkel snorkel away :)

viking caves where they are in search of bird's nest.

the thousands of fishes :)

at the lagoon

our 2nd snorkel, Loh Samah Bay.bigger waves.

me having problem with the blardi snorkeling gear. tighten maximum. still water entering from nose and eyes sides.

snorkel snorkel with kevin.

james bond island - maya bay. beautiful, minus the tons of boats stopping there.

Us in Phi Phi Island.

Then when we return to Ao Nang at bout 5pm, to our Hotel, just to find out that our bathroom sink pipe burst. :/ took bout an hour before we could do anything. at about 630pm we went to rent a bike to tour the island. :) we got a Honda Airblade. And, that night, we had our anniversary dinner in La Luna having some cheese+ham pizza in my new greeny forever 21 dress :)

our honda air blade bike.

my forever 21 dress :) *thanx yang*

our anniversary dinner.

After dinner, we went and lit this thing (above) with our wishes on it and flew it to the sky :)

Next day was our final day in Krabi. :( we got up real early just to have more time to tour the island on the bike and ended up in gastropod. don't ask me what's that. lol. some claystone bed thingy.


And, the next thing we know, we're on our way back to Krabi Intl Airport again to board our flight to KL. And I notice this couple in front of us queueing in front of us in the airport seem familiar. then i went like.. "errr.. KAREN?" she turned and look! omg! IT'S KAREN! lol. what a small world :)

Back to Old KL. :)

End of my beautiful getaway. :)
more photos on facebook


Nanie M. Ali said...

Alaaaaa.. So sweeeett!! Nak pergi Krabi jugak. You guys look perfect together.

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