Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adv: Nescafe Kick-Start

As you guys know.. my well behaved housemate, Regan is a very entrepreneurial person and has always wanted to start a business by himself. (provided i am the main shareholder) And, with the opportunity given by Nescafe Kick-Start Make me a Millionaire had an opening for competition, he had not given a 2nd thought of participating.

He, being an avid fan of Nasi Lemak, going north, south, east and west just to try the best nasi lemak in town has given him an insight and idea of starting a Nasi Lemak Cafe, one that has never existed in Malaysia. Not the ones u see in kopitiam in which it has the usual nasi lemak rendang ayam or nasi lemak ayam goreng. He has an ambience close to that of the Oldtown Kopitiam but focusing mainly only on Nasi Lemak.

Drop a visit and vote for him on the link provided below.


Vince Khoo said...

Go Go Go Regan!!!
and to a lesser extend, Stella haha!!
Regan's nasi lemak and Stella's Neslo!! (Real yummy too).
A sinful combo!! But I bet it's a really yummy combo!!
Btw Stel, where is the link to so call "vote" for him?

** stella ** said...

juz click on that thing down there la.

links straight to the nescafe kick-start ma

Vince said...

Yesterday when I check no such link la. You forgot to put it there is it? hehe.

** stella ** said...

no lar. regan is the one who gimme the html codings.