Friday, January 02, 2009

Beijing's "Delicacies"

Do you dare to try these?

Disgusted yet?

*yuck yuck yuck*!!!!!

i seriously don't know how the china people eat this man!!!


m said...

those poor feathered creatures!!


lat ur mean!

stella said...

mana ada :(

i also kena tipu one leh :|

Siva Regan said...

stella ate the animal..... she told me.... then say yuck yuck somemore...hypocrite...

gary said...

ishhh... stella penipuuu!
you've sinned....

stella said...

i have NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll reveal the real story when i get back to mlk this weekend.

that's provided gary lee, u are free to yam char..

coz now i heard somebody bz oredi.. celebrate NYE also go setiawan.. ffk frenz in kl alredyyyyyy

Vince said...

I have a problem.
It actually looks quite yummy,
makes me a little hungry,
then I feel quite pukey,
because I actually thought that it's yummy,
Oh my poor little tummy,
Getting all emo-y.

stella said...


u are such a sicko.

at least i put it into my mouth without realising wat the heck it was and u can actually think that it's yummy.