Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bye Mickey, Welcome moo-moo...

So here comes a fresh 2009. A good headstart for everyone of us. :)

As the usual.. the first day of CNY with my family is nothing much of a big hoo-haa. Visited 2 houses and will be home the whole day.

I literally went out every single night since day 1. :| and getting up at 8.30am almost every single morning. Explains the zombified me. :|

The 2nd day of CNY has always been my favourite. Celebrating CNY the canto-way. hehe. with my uncles and aunties and grandma from my mum's side, obviously without my dad and superbly obvious without my mum. But, it has always been the occasion of CNY that i liked the most. It was like a gathering of family...Visiting uncles and aunties from all around melaka. Like a convoy on the road. It has always been a joyous CNY with my cousins, the crazy ass people. We actually took approximately 110 photos during that day itslef. Yes, same face in every single picture. :p

We could reach a point in which we just stood still and think, " What pose to do next ah?"


Photos are below... and also some images of CNY with the Ong family and the Lam family :)

My home :)

A must have for all chinese celebrating CNY. bak kua!


Money, money come!


The year of the moo-moo!

Yee sang

Proses of lou-ing sang

Buah Keluak

Itik Tim

Pong teh - the autentic nyonya cuisine!

And, a must have. ;)

Our 'thing' to do during the pasttime in mlk during CNY - congkak!

Prayers being done right after the clock strikes 12am, symbolizes Chinese New Year

Myself, lighting the crackers. My dad bought it. and he actually told me this, "kalo polis lalu, lu kena tangkap sial" :| nicely ask me to pasang sumore.

after effect

My blur nephew and smiley niece

Clock wise : Pretty Michelle, one-faced Kenny, myelf, Vainpot Ivan, Angela and Quiet Becky


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