Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Family came up to KL for Mellissa's wedding. Came up on a Saturday morning and stayed over till Monday where I drove back home with them in my car. :)

Brought them to Wendy's which was definitely alot LOT more times better than McDs! and looking at McD's increased prices recently, all the more worth the value of Money going to Wendy's as oppose to McDs.

Anyways.... as usual, camwhoring has been part and parcel of me and my sis' life. :p

The baked potatoes... tak sedap sangat.. but the burger best. :)

The single beef burger!

My sis wanted us to take a pic showing the Wendy's cup.. but i took 3 times.. somehow or rather i still tutup that wendy's word. lol!!! stress dia. lol.
Take 2

Take 3. lol!

Damn stupid 'sunglass' lo! haha

lol. Camwhores.

Anyways.. another story to add. We went to Cineleisure as well and walked into IT Hyperstore and my sis bought this particular MP3 player. STUPIDEST THING EVER CREATED. But, my sis was a sucker for the price as well. :P it was RM39. Great deal for an MP3 player but if we had knew that it was like that, she wouldn't had bought it in the first place. NOT worth a single cent of the stupid thing.

The person said can only test upon purchashing. So, ok, my sis bought. went to test counter. The stupid guy... put my sis' mini SD card into the slot of the mp3... tried to play it.. play and play and play .. not a fucking music played. :| then best part.. he don't know how to take out the mini SD that was slot in at the side of the player.

Then... went over to another counter.. took a SCREWDRIVER to open the whole thing to take out the mini SD. Anymore stupider ah? just bought the bloody thing like 5 minutes ago.. and now here he taking the screwdriver to take out the stupid mini SD.

The guy twist and turn and try on A COUPLE OF MP3 PLAYERS and then he concluded...
" ahhh.. no battery. go back and charge 5 hours via computer USB then can use already"

So thats wat we did... and next morning.. damn hard to turn on also. i tekan tekan tekan den finally can hear some stupid music. But the quality of music damn blardi teruk. can hear sandy sound when it reaches some lil' higher pitch!

Addinggggg to thattt.. thennnnn the MINI SD WOULDN'T COME OUT FROM THE SLOT!!!!!! so we had to go to cineleisure again! And again he took out the screwdriver to take out the mini SD. Then my sis bengang d.. ask for refund.. and the guy happily said, NO REFUND. :|

THen ... said what about the other sets? the guys said this..believe it or not!
"All also same. all also got spoil abit like this". WTF?

So at the end we have to take other things to come to an equivalent of RM39 minimum to replace that stupid mp3. DAMN STUPID LO.

Below are the pictures of the MP3. If any of you people intends to buy it coz it's cheap and nice looking... THINK TWICE!! oh no.. i mean THINK THRICE! I DON'T THINK YOU WANT TO BUY IT!

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