Monday, September 22, 2008

Mellissa's Bridal Shower!

This is a lil' outdated. lol.

Lissa's bridal shower was on the 12th of September but I only officially gotten the pictures recently. So... blame me not :D

We had the bridal shower at the Maid of Honor's apartment, Carol in Pelangi Utama.

Had a night of laughter despite me being late and I mean... LATE. :P I arrived only at 10pm when it was suppose to start about 8pm. hehe..... coz it was Jason and my 1-month-anniversary. lol. not 1-year...haha.. i know we melebih abit with one month.. but heck! still one month ma!

Anyways.. the pictures.. tadah!

Me with the Bride! :D


Candid take 1

Candid take 2!

Posing with the lantern


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