Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Father of 2.

I was in the pasar malam with my sis on Monday. Jalan-jalan blindly.

Then.. we chit chatted. Then the topic about parents and kids came out. Don't ask me how.. but it did.

So.. i told her... that i have a friend.. who when told me he has 2 kids, i terperanjat.. coz he looked young to have 2 kids already. lol. yes, i'm referring to you , vince. :p

And.. that... to me vince.... i didn't felt like he has 2 kids. lol.

So.. the conversation went as below :

Me : yeah, yeah! My friend is a father of 2.. first time he told me.. i was.. uhhhh.. wahhh.. tak sangka.
Sis : why leh? why tak sangka?
Me : Coz, i felt like he's like my age and still like me and all la.
Sis : why leh? You also got father of 2 ma!
Me : @!&#(@*&#(*!@ u know what father of 2 means ma?
Sis : The father got 2 anak lo? =/
Me : *pengsan*

Dead funny lo. I was laughing my ass off in the pasar malam! lol!


Vince said...

Hahaha! Indeed a very confusing conversation.

Regardless, I'm gonna take it as a compliment. hehe.

** stella ** said...


i got whacked for doing that particular post. lol.

dead funny. haha

Vince said...

Don't worry, Stella's sis, it does not reflect you badly at all. From what I know of your older sis, her explanation can sometimes be... erm... quite confusing and unclear LOL.

But I do see one thing in common with the 2 sisters, they both like to whack ppl LOL.

(no offence to young sis)

** stella ** said...


runs in d blood. lol!!!!