Saturday, September 06, 2008

Marmite Chicken!

My craving for marmite chicken has led to me bugging Jason to learn how to cook Marmite chicken. so... what happen was.. he did some 'recipe research' in the office! :P and officially cooked it for me 2 days back. lol.

So much of a marmite chicken. It looks perfectly normal.. like marmite chicken. but when eat.. taste like the saltiest marmite chicken ever created. :| Sauce kenot telan. lol!!!

But, we follow bulatbulat the recipe. :| Entah what went wrong. :| Anyways... it's just a trial. There will be 2nd time. hehe. Thank God Regan wanst having dinner with us that nite. If not, sure kena complain kao kao. lol! STUPID GAN!

Chef at work.



Anyways... yesterday was Jason's dad's birthday. He called me to come along for the BBQ in his house. my heart nearly jumped out from position. TAKUT LA! *brrrrr* but I went also la. Empty handed lagi :| too last minute. lol. didnt get anything.

First he told me... it's gonna only be his family. When i agreed to come... he told me.. got uncle la, aunty la.. cousin la. :P There was a total of 19 people, including me. Jason was the chef of the night. Barbequeing the chickies.

I was ... the.. spectator of the chef. :P

Thank God everything was fine. Uncle James didn't interrogate me as what Jason said he would. :P

We left at about 12.30am :D

Jason was kononnya going to 'work'. His pant's on fire. :|


-midori- said...

chicken looks.. ermm..



** stella ** said...

miss m... marmite mestila black!

den u expect white marmite? :/

lol :p