Saturday, September 13, 2008


I received a call from an unknown number at about 10+ almost 11am this morning. He claimed his name was LEE. And, he thought i was dumb enough that he gotta spell out the name.. L-E-E, LEE. that's what he said.

Anyways, he said he got my number about a year back from some chat mechanism. Weirdest part of all, he seem to keep a diary of name, number, work, age and all la.

Firstly, he is not even indentifying himself when i asked, yeah, lee.... who? I dont remember you and i definitely dont remember even giving out the number. This is so fucking weird.

And he went like.. oh.. u have a sexy voice and it's turning me on.

I almost nak muntah.. bluek bluek arghhhh.. kahhh tui!

And.. I went like "Hey Lee, that was very inappropriate!!" My intonation was like.. wtf?

He speaks like a pure english speaking person and with very much low voice.

Lee : Ohh, i'm sorry, was just telling.
Me : ok. =/
Lee : So... i think u're in some land business?
Me : yes.
Lee : what kinda?
Me : Investments.
Lee : where is the land? UK? US? Canada?
Me : US.
Lee : Which part? Michigan? New York? Minnesotta?
Me : Texas.
Lee : Whats the returns like?
Me : 20.
Lee : Wow. I'm interested in buying. Can we meet? Where do u work?
Me : KL.
Lee : Which building? I'll look for u. I'm in raja chulan.. bla bla.
Me : No, i dont think its necessary.
Lee : But, i wanna buy. I have to see u.
Me : I'm not interested in selling.
Lee : You don't seem to trust me.
Me : Why should I?
Lee : You don't trust strangers?
Me : I dont trust anybody. *duh*
Lee : You think i want something from you?
Me : !&*#&@(#&@!#@&^#*!

think i'm some stupid dingdong new naive person who doenst know how to differentiate a genuine client and a stupid fucker like u? Yeah. so easy. Wow! US! Wow! 20! Wow! I wanna buy!

fuck u.

Then he continued,

Lee : So, are u attached?
Me : Yes.
Lee : Don't lie. if u are, u wont be home on a saturday. u'll be out with ur bf.
Me : I'm sleeping and so is he.
Lee : He's sleeping with u?
Me : No.
Lee : He's in KL?
Me : Yes.
Lee : Ohhh.. so when u last met him?
Me : yesterday.
Lee : ohh.. so did u make love?
Me : !@*#&@*#!&@(#&@*(#*!@(
Me : Enough. I gotta go. BYE.
Lee : Hold on .. hold.. on. just a few more minutes. Pls.
Me : I dont think its a need . Bye.
Lee : I'm gonna be done.
Me : Done with what? Questioning me?
Lee : I'm gonna climax.
Me : @*&#(@&#@*!(#@&*(. BYE!

Hang up.

#I&(#*$(*#$#)(!)*#(&(*@ early early in the morning, people sleeping. this stupid fucker make this kinda horny call to people without even me knowing who the heck it was.

People nowadays can get horny by just talking to a female. what the fuck is wrong with their mind!??!?!?!!!! Mentally ill horny bastards. They shud create Hospital Horny to put all the horny bastard in there! and probably like fuck each other or something. Such a nuisance. GO DIY! DON"T CALL ANY RANDOM NUMBER!

And, when i call up somebody to tell, somebody was too busy gaming.

End of story. I'm so damn blardi pissed.


Vince said...

LOL!! (I know it's not funny, but can't help it). First the cops, now L-E-E.... you sure is lucky.

** stella ** said...


Wei... cops is cops menggatal after :tak dapat duit kopi. :|

Lee is dont know. insane.

Vince said...

oops. you sure ARE lucky.

Vince said...

I also got a horny sms from supposedly a girl before telling me that she's sad and not happy (I think) and then she said that she's wet and needs my help LOL. Guess what I said...

I said that I'm sorry I can't help you butI pray that God will help you with your real (non-sexual) trouble, or something along the line. After that, no more sms. HAHAHAHA

** stella ** said...

Vince: dum dum u. jaga kao. :|

is the 3rd reply vince same as the 4th reply vince? both vince khoo rite? got vince tan?

anyways.. the girl sure feel like damn potong steam lol!!!!!!!

"damn. i waste money sms-ing this stupid fler. dont know how to sing negaraku! ish!"


m said...

ths the vince equatorial vince ah?

** stella ** said...

yeh the equatorial vince. lol.

not the gajah berang vince. lol.

"The Equatorial Vince"


Vince said...

Yes, 3rd reply Vince is same as 4th reply Vince. Vince Khoo.

And don't go spreading wrong info that I can't sing negaraku!! I CAN sing ok!! Just not to the wrong person.

And what's this Equatorial Vince thingy?? So what if it's the "Equatorial Vince"?? hehe, just kidding. Hi M, whoever you are, I'm guessing the M that went to Jin and Joanne's wedding and subsequently went to meet-up with Stella? Too bad didn't get to meet up with some of Stella's nice friends that night, I sure hope I'll get the opportunity to do so some day :).

** stella ** said...

ngek! lol. how would i know if u're able to sing negaraku or not? lol!!!!

Nope.. M is not A. :p the onewho went to their wedding was Audrey. another girl. M = Midori. My good fren. i told her bout u b4. and saw the blog post b4 on u posing with donuts.

So, i regarded u as the one who went to the Equatorial wedding as Audrey. so yeah.. EQ Vince. :D

Vince said...

Dang girl!! Your explanation still as confusing as eva!! Can someone please make sense out of these:

"So, i regarded u as the one who went to the Equatorial wedding as Audrey..." huh??? What's that supposed to mean?? I went to EQ as Audrey??

One can only hope you say nice things about me...

And let's let the negaraku discussion stop here ok?

** stella ** said...


ok ok.

the one that went to the equatorial wedding, which was the same one that audrey attended.

better? :D

Negaraku.. negarku ku. :|

Vince said...

Much better :)

And stop being so crude and rude with the ...ku ku.

You're a lady, behave like one :P

** stella ** said...

shardap :|

i am behaving like one. :D

** stella ** said...

shardap :|

i am behaving like one. :D

m said...

macam macam sial..