Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, BITCH! :p


Happy 25th Birthday! Getting older day by day. :P But i bet she'll say, i'm young at heart! :p

Geeezzz... 2008 shows that I have known this dumdum-pig-cum-fish-cum-chicken person for 7 years! FREAKIN 7 YEARS! but good 7 years. =)

It was never boring to see this idiotic lil' thing here. SHe's always full of 'interesting' statements and hrmm.. shit. :D Which it made the whole friendship fun!

She was the main and whole reason of why i stayed in Taman Melawati when i first shifted to KL coz she was the only one i had in KL. :) We stayed nearby when we were in Melaka but we stayed in the same taman when we were in KL! I don't know if that's lucky or unlucky. lol.

In our 7 years of friendship, among us in 5, Namely, Wei Lee, Amelia, Mien, Punitha and myself, WEI LEE officially has the most "interesting" statement among us! followed by Mien. Amelia and I will always be the chatterbox while Punitha will be the 'mother' among us! heh!

I guess, nobody will ever replace Wei Lee, no matter how irritating she can be, she's still the funny one among us all! :D

Example of statements :

Wei Lee : I wanan go back and make barley already la.
Stella : Sure! Make me some too.
Wei Lee : But hor.. if i make barley.. i dowan the bijik bijik thing.
Stella : @*#@(#*&@!(*#@! But the bijik bijik thing is BARLEY LEH!!! Wei Lee : IZIT? AHHWAHHAHAHAHA
Stella : =|

At the table makan in South Pacific Restaurant, Wei Lee was sitting in between Danny and Chai Yen... Wei Lee was holding and chewing on a 'sang choi', a vegetable. on the right hand.

Dan : Wei Lee... what's ur friend's name ah? *finger pointing towards chai yen*
Wei Lee : Who? *looks at her vege* SANG CHOI LA!
Dan : @!(*#&!@(#&@(* YOUR FRIEND LA!!!

Amelia who was queitly watching them and listening to the conversation burst into laughter. lol! Why would danny term the vege "Your friend"!!! lol!!!!!


See what I mean when i Said goh wei lee is irreplaceable? ONE OF A KIND :D

Anyways.... we celebrated by eating tons an d tons of seafood in South Pacific Restaurant.. which is sedap but damn overpriced!

Then.. we proceeded to Hartamas Breakers to play pool. Cool place. Me like! Going there too often nowadays.. getting hooked up with Pool. geeeeeee,,.....

We had a tower of Carlsberg and 10 games of Pool. At approximately 12 am, we took out the cake and Sang our lungs off in that place! It was a pool and foosball area cum club. lol. there were DJ playing songs and we actually sang SOOO DAMN KAO LOUD that everyone looked at us. INTENTIONALLY. :D

The table in front of us was also celebrating birthday. 2 of them walked over to wish Pig happy birthday and also had a toast with her. Here... the DJ came and passed Pig a cup of Long Island Tea! :D

FUnny part when DJ asked over the mic how old is wei lee.. Ramesh answered 30! :| lol.

Even better.. when the "present" was persented to Wei Lee! lol!!!!

A WATER LILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a frog! lol!!!!!

That was her 'wish' for birthday gift. lol. and thats when i told her.. wei lee.. becareful of what u wish for! :p

Some pics were stolen from Amelia :D

Boston Cheese Birthday Cake :D

My piece of Cheesecake!

The DJ Passing the long island tea to pig.

CHai yen picit air katak to wei lee's face! lol!!!!!

Wei Lee : What is thisss???


The cute frog and water lily in Pig's Porch. :D



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Ooooiiii...this is too much!!!stop promoting me can?...hahaha...


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oh u noticed! lol!!!!