Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pick n' Brew!


best part.. i didn't drink their signature coffee. lol. instead i went for cafe latte instead. The coffee was... ok-ok la. :) i still love my coffee bean's latte. *sedap*nyam-nyam*

But.. the mocha cheese cake was.... *super nyam* sedap giler! I recommend the mocha cheese cake! dammnnn nice loh. It is RM9 per piece.. slightly more expensive then those in secret recipe but it's alot nicer than secret recipe's one. doesn't mean SR is a cake shop, it produces the best cheese cakes ever ok?!!?? Pick n' brew's cheesecake damn kao sedap lo.

Thanx to dumdum Jac... when tengok d cakes d.. kenot tahan.. ask to order 2. the other one was the banana walnut also. but not so much of a muffin fan. :)

Other than that... I LOVE THE ENVIRONMENT! damn quiet.. damn nice for a sunday cuppa coffee! really very very nice place to hangout and chill. :)

Grab a book and a coffee with cake and i can consider my sunday is darn good oredi! :) niceee... i think that's gonna be my new weekend hibernating spot. heh. :D

Banana Walnut Muffin!

The super yummy mocha cheesecake!

Iced Hazelnut Latte
Mine! Iced Cafe Latte!

Jac & I


m said...

isn't this the place that winkert always talk about?

ex-konco kgc said...

aikss.. i tot her name is winnie?

** stella ** said...

m: yep the same one. from last time i wanted to go coz it was recommended on various blogs. but wink went first.. and he fell in love with the place. he's there everyday like how he was in coffee bean previously. banyak duit boleh la. 1 coffee = rm10. daily.. weekly oredi 70 monthly.. on coffee alone will be RM280. siao.

konco: lol. u r right! her name is memang winnie.. but spelled as wee nee.. her full name is jaclyn goh wee nee. lol!

i always asked her.. when i wanna introduce her to my frenz if i shud intro as jac or wee nee. lol! so i get mixed up sometimes as well. :D

Ur memory is working darn well. dont worry. :)