Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My cuzzie got married on the 27th of September. The masque was held in Holy Family Kajang Church and the dinner was held in J.W. Marriot, Putrajaya. with 90 tables. CRAZY SHIT. 2 ballrooms. giler mahal. :|

Anyways... the whole thing was beautiful :) But the signboards leading towards JW Marriot Putrajaya is damn kao misleading lo. kejap go straight kejap turn left. stupid shit. and some of the blardi stupid malaysian signboards which is only available AFTER the turn! @&#*@*#! HOW DING DONG CAN THAT BE? I bet im not the only one who says that! so many other ppl wud have said that! argh! stupid ass.

Anyways.. the wedding! I was doing reception for the bride's side during dinner. Damn the super unorganized lo the name list. :| pening kepala. like walton's guest list for our events. :| name list all tunggang terbalik.

Some guest register with first name, some middle name, some family name. For example the name Anthony Lim Ah Lek & Carrisa Tan. You must flick through the 900 guest list and look for the name in numerous number of ways.

1) Anthony Lim Ah Lek
2) Mr. Lim Ah Lek
3) Lim Ah Lek
4) Ah Lek
5) Carrisa Tan & Anthony Lim
6) Mr and Mrs Lim
7) Anthony Lim and Carrisa Tan

Wow. crazy giler. best part.. some names wrongly spelled! and sumore.. register 5 orang.. bawak father mother brother sister, anak, cucu, cicit all along. damn kedongdong man this people. don't know the meaning of RSVP! dingdong.

Anyways.. some pictures here. :)

The Newly Weds. :)

In the masque

The ice crafted love swans

Door Gift : Fruit Cake

Door Gift : Chocolate yang amat the sedap giler

First dish

Tuang-teh session.

Yammmmmmmm Seeeeeennnnggggggggggg!!!

Aunt Diana & Aunt Nyonya
Sis and Myself at the Reception

Blame my sis! She wanted to camwhore in the toilet!

My beautiful lil' nephews and niece... Lelyandra, Maximillian and Kal'el - aren't mixed kids cuteeee?

When I said Lelyandra pretty, Max asked me this, " I pretty or she prettier?" Damn vain lo! lol.

HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!:??!?!?!??!! =)

Got sumore photos to post up when I get them from Jacky. :D


m said...

damn kiut lo u all camwhore in the toilet! siap ur aunties oso posing take pics.. hehehehe

and melissa looks so different!

and btw, mixed kids kiut? u also can have mixed kids maaaa...


** stella ** said...

my sis la.. ask my aunt to pose also. lol.

of coz la. tons of makeup. mestila look different.

isk. my own mixed kids not yet :|

Gary said...

the father name the son Kal'el???

Too much smallville or superman issit? LOL!

** stella ** said...

it was superman. he's a HUGE fan of comics :p