Saturday, September 06, 2008


Damn long never update properly. JASON LA! :p

I wanna blog bout Theng's convo. but balik-balik i forgot to take the picz from Jason's fone. lol. all Jason's fault. lol! End up i got nothing to blog about.

I suppose to be on my way to Bangsar's Madam Kwan to have dinner at 8pm. Thanx to stupid gohweilee ffk den followed by Allen's ffk, me stay home. :| But we going to go for a pool game later in Hartamas Breakers at 10pm. So. now like dum dum watching tv and onlining. Jason just went to work :|


Anyways, got a purple dress for Mell's wedding. Konon Lilac theme. lol.

Jason & I <3



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